eSports Gaming Bus

eSports Gaming Bus

eSports Gaming Bus

Posted on January 28th, 2023

Many may refer to eSports as just playing video games. It is so much more than picking up a video game controller. Kids today are digitally competitively. They are in the age of electronics. Try researching eSports. Kids and young adults alike are taking video gaming to a whole new level.

Even colleges are jumping on the journey that leads to other STEM type competitions. Many of your schools in conferences like the SEC, SWAC, MEAC, and many more are now offering eSports leagues. You no longer have to be that two hundred twenty-five pound star running back to compete. A lot of parks and recreation departments around the nation is doing the same. Memphis Shelby PAL (Police Activities League) is about to kick off a massive eSports program as a partnership with Blaze Fire Games.  

Starting in June of 2022, H3 Mobile Entertainment introduced the "Extreme Gaming Bus". This gaming bus has 6 large screen 4K gaming televisions inside the bus and one additional one accessible from the outside of the gaming bus. The bus can comfortably seat up to 15 people. It is essentially a Gaming Party Bus with LED lighting, limousine seating, and other amenities.  

This is similar but unlike the gaming trailers that are pulled by a truck. The bus offers karaoke (inside and outside the bus), connected Internet Wi-Fi, and a luxury environment for kids to play. The goal is to get the kids back together for birthday parties and other events. The Extreme Gaming Bus has been a great addition to the Memphis Metro Area for entertainment.

H3 Mobile Entertainment also offers foam parties and laser tag parties. The fun begins with a call to H3 Mobile Entertainment. If you enjoy one of the area game trucks, then you will definitely enjoy the "Extreme Gaming Bus". Reach out to H3 Mobile Entertainment at our website.

Reach out to us for your party or event needs.

Are you ready to party? Our gaming truck near us will be a great attraction for your kids' birthday party! In addition, check out our laser tag services and foam parties! It’s time to get back outdoors! H3 Mobile Entertainment has various service offerings to help keep the kids active. Please contact us for more information!

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