H3 Mobile Entertainment is seeking energetic, detail-oriented, hard-working professionals interested in being a part of a team dedicated to providing fun entertainment to the Memphis Metropolitan Area. Our employment opportunities will have you immersed in the fun!

H3 Mobile Entertainment’s commitment to its employees is demonstrated by the great pay to have fun with people in our community. Contact us today for employment opportunities!https://h3mobileentertainment.com

Delivery Personal - Employment Opportunities!

Contact us about our delivery and setup positions.  Also check Indeed for other types of jobs available.

Game Coaches - Now Hiring!

Do you love to play video games and have outdoor fun?  Then you may be a candidate for H3 Mobile Entertainment.  Please feel free to contact us about our gaming coach positions.

H3 Mobile Entertainment - gaming truck near us

How Can Employment Opportunities be fun?

One of the key elements of H3 Mobile Entertainment is Culture. That single word encompasses a whole range of practices about how we manage our fun with our customer base, and how we interact with our stakeholders and each other. One of my favorite parts of the H3 Mobile Entertainment culture is the fact that it includes a fun work environment.  That is why we promote fun employment  opportunities.

Although we all like fun (I hope), it’s often seen as slightly unprofessional – fun is something that happens outside work. Most of us would be a bit nervous about writing, “I’m great fun” on our CVs, or reporting to our boss how much fun we’re having in the office. Nonetheless, fun matters a lot, and not just because it’s nice.

Why fun matters

The evidence that fun boosts productivity is compelling. A happy work environment means fewer sick days, harder work, and greater productivity. Research shows individuals with a positive mindset are 31% more productive than those with a negative mindset – or even a neutral one. Think of it like a placebo effect for the workplace; just as taking a sugar pill can trigger a healing effect as powerful as that of a ‘real’ drug, thinking tasks are achievable actually makes them so.  Our employment opportunities provide you with the fun environments!

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