Outdoor Movie Screen - Testimonials

If you think our outdoor movie screens are a hit, try our laser tag and gaming bus services.  H3 Mobile Entertainment offers multiple services to help you have the best party around!  Listen to some of our customers!

outdoor movie screen

We had an awesome with the Gaming Bus!  Our kids had a blast!  We will be renting it again soon!


Sara Johnson

outdoor movie screen

All I can say is WOW!  The kids and other parents had so much fun!  The outdoor movie screen made our party a hit!  The kids even did gaming on it.  The services offered by H3 Mobile Entertainment are professional and awesome!


Maggie Brown

Why should you rent our outdoor movie screen?

Outdoor movie screens are a must today.  People have been cramped up in the homes for years now due to the pandemic.  It’s time to get outside.  Why not have a family and friends night with a giant 20 ft. outdoor movie screen.  Play your favorite movie.  Connect up a gaming system for even much more fun.  Have a Fortnite battle!  The possibilities are unlimited!

H3 Mobile Entertainment will provide the screen, tie downs, projector, and a way to play your digital movies.  We can also provide a gaming console at an extra cost.  The gaming console will be loaded with awesome games.  If you have a Roku, Firestick, or Apple TV, then those devices can be utilized with the projector.  You will be responsible for providing Internet to the devices or any devices that may require Internet services.  

This includes Fortnite.  H3 Mobile Entertainment can provide an Ethernet cable that has reach of about 150 ft.  Your router must be with reach for this.  Otherwise, a media player can be provided to play your media.  Please reach out to your assigned gaming coach to determine what is best for your outdoor movie screen to be the hit of the party.

5 Reasons to choose this service

  1. An outdoor movie screen can be used indoors or outdoors.  Although there are many indoor screens available, most cannot be used outdoors.  Most indoor screens are not big enough also to give you that movie theater look outside.
  2. Portability – The outdoor movie screen is portable.  It can be placed almost anywhere.  Want to have it in a different location that best fits your outdoor event?  The screen is not locked down.  We just ask that you keep the electronics away from water and moisture.
  3. Entertain More Guests – How many people can you fit in your back yard vs in your home?  Most times it is triple or quadruple of the amounts inside vs outside.  Spread the party out.  The screen can be seen from all over the back yard.
  4. Setup is Easy – Our outdoor movie screen is similar to bounce houses.  We just require electricity.  We take care of the rest.  Setup is usually about 15 to 20 minutes if electrical is in place.  
  5. Cinematic Experience – With a 20 ft. drive in movie like adventure, your party will be magical.  Maybe you are renting the system to show your wedding video.  Think about the view!!!  H3 Mobile Entertainment also provide the sound to make it all happen!