Party Rentals Places Near Us - Checklist

Please ensure that you check the Rental Checklist below. With our party rentals places near us service, we focus on ensuring that you are well aware of our guidelines that allow us to quickly to get up in running.
  1. Check space required (70′ in front of home on the street for the Extreme Gaming Bus).
  2. Check electricity required
  3. Check path to setup location, are there any steps?
  4. Will there be other items needed for setup?
  5. Confirm at least 5 days in advance your event date by calling us: (901) 308-4238.

How do we use party rentals places near me?

Don’t feel like having a party at your house?  With our rental places near us services, we can help to recommend area locations based on what you are looking to do.  All you have to do is to let your game coach know well ahead of time, and we will help you find and book the perfect party place for your event.  Want to save?  Have the party at your home and choose one of our many services!!!
Party Rentals Places Near Us

Kids Party Rental Places Near Me

Below is a list of party venues.