Extreme Laser Tag

Extreme Laser Tag

Extreme Laser Tag
for 1 Hour

The Best Equipment

Guess what? This is not the laser tag that you are used to. All of our equipment is state of the art and like no other laser tag in Memphis and the surrounding areas that you have experienced before. Our equipment makes you feel like you are in a real battle! Laser tag near me is your key to fun!

Our Extreme Laser Tag rates start at $300 for 60 minutes. Please refer to our Rentals page all rates and packages.

Parties For All Occasions

Our Laser tag in Memphis parties are great for all types of events.Adult and kids' birthday parties, charity events, school events, church events, corporate events, and moreWe have the right laser tag package for your next event.Let us bring the fun to you! event. event. more more events. before. to. to. what? Laser tag in Memphis is where you will reap the fun!

We Bring The Party

We bring the party to you. Our laser tag parties are mobile. Between our gaming bus, foam parties, and battlefield games such as Extreme Laser Tag and Extreme Nerf Wars, we bring our mobile services to you. We can bring the party to your home, office, or other party location!

Meet The World's Most Advanced Laser Tag Rifle

Our Battle Rifle is unlike any other lasertag rifle that is currently on the market! It is the latest innovation in tactical laser tag equipment and is setting new standards in the laser tag industry. You will be amazed at how the Battle Rifle Pros will make you feel like you are really in battle. It features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, vibrations, and night modes with a weight that appeals to every age! Laser Tag in Memphis! Laser Tag in Collierville, Germantown, Bartlett, Arlington, Millington, Frayser, Raleigh, and everywhere!

The Revolutionary Utility Box

There is literally nothing else like it. This utility box can be anything that you want it to be: a respawn station, health box, body armor, flag base, weapons, and so much more! The revolutionary features of this box help us to design creative games like teams, capture the flag, infection, battle royale, and so many more that allow for your creativity! This is just the beginning, as its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities allow us to unlock many more game possibilities! 

Wireless Head Sensors

Away with the old sensors that require you to connect to the guns or the need for those vests that never fit! These head sensors have more functionality than any sensors on the market. They are very visible in full sunlight from almost 1000 ft. away. These multi-functional sensors illuminate in green, red, blue, purple, and more. They allow for hit detection from every direction as well as giving and receiving damage. These wireless head sensors will help bring life into your laser tag game!

Yeah Baby!

What’s a battlefield without a few grenades? These grenades emit an ultra-bright flash upon detonation! After impact, the grenade has a 30-foot blast radius. Use these in your gameplay to move a team back away from your territory or even to clear a room! It can also be used as a concussion unit or even for tear gas! Who’s ready to have some fun?

Areas Covered

Memphis Metro Area (Shelby County, DeSoto County, Fayette County, Marshall County (MS), Crittendon County (AR)

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Are you ready to party? Our gaming truck near us will be a great attraction for your kids' birthday party! In addition, check out our laser tag services and foam parties! It’s time to get back outdoors! H3 Mobile Entertainment has various service offerings to help keep the kids active. Please contact us for more information!