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Ready to RESERVE some epic fun for your next Memphis paintball AKA “Tactical Laser Tag” event? Look no further! H3 Mobile Entertainment brings the party directly to you, transforming any occasion into an unforgettable experience. From heart-pounding laser tag battles to immersive video game adventures, bubbly foam parties, and hilarious photo booth moments, we cater to every group and celebration. So ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary – it’s time to submit a Book Now request and create memories that will last a lifetime! Please fill out all of the information. This is only a booking request. Someone from H3 Mobile Entertainment will contact you to finalize your booking – the adventure awaits!

Our Battlefront Memphis Showdown

Memphis paintball

Equally important is that you feel right at home when you are renting any of our party equipment!  Thus, we help you take your party to another level.  Level up your video gaming skills, laser tag skills, and be a part of the adventure.  Not to mention that most of our games are actually played by people of all ages.  If you are a parent, take this time to have fun with your kids.  They will grow up soon, and those years will just be memories.  So whether you want to play laser tag, laser paintball, Memphis paintball, or that tag game, we got you covered.

Have You ever Heard of Laser Paintball?

We have not either, but these Google keywords have you thinking.  LOL!  However, when you book with H3 Mobile Entertainment, you are booking with the best tactical laser tag provider in this part of the country.  Not only do you get to play some awesome games, but you also have the ability to provide some team competitions.  Even more, both kids and adults alike get to have fun!  Just like many of us ran around when we were kids playing cowboys and Indians, laser tag gives you that.  It provides a fun environment for young kids, older kids, and adults to play together.