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Video Gaming Bus

Where Fun Takes the Wheel: The Story of H3 Mobile Entertainment

H3 Mobile Entertainment isn’t just about bringing the party; it’s about bringing a dream to life. Our story begins in 2022, right here in Shelby County, where an 8-year-old named Aiden Hubbard ignited a spark that would soon become a beacon of fun for the Memphis Metropolitan Area.

Aiden, a passionate gamer, envisioned a way to share his love for video games with others while earning money for his own gaming adventures. His creative mind conjured an idea – a party bus equipped with the latest consoles, transforming video gaming into a mobile, social experience.

That spark, nurtured by supportive family and fueled by Aiden’s unwavering enthusiasm, became H3 Mobile Entertainment. From its humble beginnings, our company has grown into a vibrant provider of diverse mobile entertainment options, catering to all ages and occasions.

At H3 Mobile Entertainment, we believe that fun shouldn’t be confined to four walls. We strive to provide the best possible entertainment experience for you and your guests, whether it’s battling it out in epic laser tag battles, immersing yourselves in virtual worlds aboard our state-of-the-art gaming bus, drenching yourselves in the bubbly bliss of a foam party, or capturing hilarious memories in our interactive photo booth.


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Aiden is the self-proclaimed CEO of H3 Mobile Entertainment.  Aiden’s real job is to test out games, update consoles, and ensure that consoles are ready for each event. 

Larry is Mr. Party!  His main tasks are getting the party started while getting the kids excited!  Larry has a 25 year IT background that fits well into the H3 Mobile Entertainment model.

Larry Jr. is tasked with website development, keeping up with the latest trends, and digital marketing for H3 Mobile Entertainment.  Larry Jr. is a Cyber Security Specialist in his regular career job.

Richard is also known as “Mr. Bus Driver!”  He handles the aspects of getting the Gaming Bus prepped and ready for the various parties.  Richard, a licensed commercial truck driver, has over 30 years of Human Resources experience.

Kelsey is a Physical Therapist in real life!  As a member of the H3 Mobile Entertainment family, Kelsey helps to manage the kids, and she runs the Laser Tag and Foam Party events.

Dondre is our gaming expert.  He helps the kids get on to the games as well as sit down and help them play at times.  Need a competitive partner for NBA2K?  That’s Dondre!  Dondre also has an IT background in addition to owning his own Automobile Detailing business.