Video Gaming Bus

We Bring the Party to You with the Video Gaming Bus

Video Gaming Bus

The Fun Starts Here…

Actually, it’s a luxurious video gaming bus! The Extreme Gaming Party Bus is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to entertain players simultaneously! Hence the gaming bus has the largest selection of games, gaming consoles, Quest VR systems, and 120-hz televisions of any mobile gaming experience. In addition, the Wi-Fi enables you to connect with live play or friends and family that could not make it. Our video gaming bus is the keyword for lots of fun! Some may refer to this as a “game truck party.”

Our Extreme Gaming Bus rates start at $400 for 2 hours. Please refer to our Rentals page all rates and packages.

Gaming Party Bus in Memphis, TN

game truck rental

We create the perfect birthday experience for you and your loved ones. Equally important our game truck AKA “The Video Gaming Bus” turns your kids party out.  Certainly, no celebration is too big or small for our top-of-the-line video game consoles and games. However, we provide some of the latest consoles so that you and your friends can enjoy all the best titles, from Fortnite to Madden to Mario Bros. Whether you refer to it as the gaming truck in Memphis, the game truck in Memphis, the gaming party bus, the mobile game truck, or the gaming bus, we’ve got you covered with fun birthday parties! Add on our laser tag services for more fun!

Video Gaming Bus Rates

$400 – 2 Hour Party
$600 – 3 Hour Party
$800 – 4 Hour Party
$650 – Combo Gaming Bus Laser Tag Party
(Bus holds 10-15 kids based on the sizes. There are 6 consoles and large screen TVs inside and 1 console and TV outside.  However, we also include a few Nintendo Switches if requested.  For kids 10 and up, we can also include a Meta Quest VR game headset.  In addition, if any kids are 6 or younger, an adult is required to be on the bus at all times.  Furthermore, Kids are expected to have an understanding of the games that they play.

Awesome Games

Inside the Gaming Bus

We offer some of the best rental prices for the coolest games for your loved ones’ birthday parties to add on to your gaming party bus! Of course, they and their guests will enjoy the luxury-style party bus with the awesomeness of multiple video consoles and games on nicely sized TVs. We do our best to make your day as fun and exciting as possible while providing an economical rate to not break the bank. A gaming coach is available during the party to ensure that customer support is at your fingertips. Our game truck party is awesome!

Complimentary Yard Games

Yard Games

With each gaming bus rental, we offer a choice of 2 complimentary items that will help to make your party even more fun! These are especially good if you have younger kids at the party who may not be into video games yet.

Reserve your complimentary items upon reserving your gaming bus! Your gaming coach will contact you prior to your party to determine the complimentary games that are available.

Come On Aboard

VR Games

When you rent our luxurious eSports party bus for your next birthday or other celebration, you don’t have to worry about finding room for all those consoles. We have plenty of space on our bus for everyone, including TV systems and hookups for each console. You and your friends can get your game on without having to share. We even offer outdoor TV systems and consoles as well as DirecTV service for various TVs connected.