Terms and Conditions

Waivers are required either printed out or online for each participant who participates in any kids birthday parties serviced by H3 Mobile Entertainment.

Why are waivers important for kids birthday parties?

Many parents are often asked to sign waivers for their kids to participate in events whether it is for kids birthday parties, school events, or even sporting events.  The importance of the waiver is to protect the provider in the event of any mishaps on behalf of the participants.  We all know that kids like to have fun.

Sometimes they may not realize that overextending the normal use of fun can be dangerous.  Take for instance that a kid goes to the park to play on the playground.  The kid pushes another kid on the swing, and the kid falls out of the swing while being pushed.  Even though it was fun and games, a child is now hurt.  Who’s responsible?

This is why it is so important that any vendor that deals with kids birthday parties have signed waivers.  It’s no different than going to indoor facilities like Urban Air to jump and have fun.  You are required to have a signed waiver before the participant can proceed.  The same goes for services offered by H3 Mobile Entertainment.  We require signed waivers so that parents are aware of any associated risks of involvement.  If a participant is under the age of 18, a parent will need to fill out and have a waiver on file.

If a parent has done so at one of our prior events, then there is no need to fill out an additional one.  Kids may bring the waiver with them (printed out and signed) or filled out and emailed to [email protected].  There are no exceptions for the waivers.